How does hydro electric generate electricity?

There is a dam in a lake or a reservoir, the water in the lake or reservoir goes in the dam, the dam has a spinning turbine, water goes through the turbine and the generater produces electricity.

Is it renewable or non-renewable?

Hydro electric is a renewable energy,water won't run out, the world has the same amount of water all along.

How does it affect the environment?

By building a dam the nearby area will be flooded and this will affect the many habitats of animals and some humans.


When the electricity is generated, no greenhouse gases are made.

Hydro-electricity is a renewable energy source.

The water usage is free.


The dams are really expensive to build.

Building a dam, the nearby area has to be flooded and this could affect wildlife and many plants.

If it does not rain, we may not have enough water to turn the turbines.