How does nuclear power generate electricity?
Nuclear power, is a power when atoms breakup.

1.people dig underground to find uranium pellets from rocks.
2.The uranium pellets breakup and atoms release a huge amount of energy.
3.Water goes into a big container with a lid on it.
4.The uranium pellets heats the water, and the water turns to steam.
5.The steam goes through a pipe to a generator.
6.The steam turns the turbines
7.After that it generates energy, and produces electricity.
8.The steam turns back to water.
9. And gets cooled down in the cooling tower.
10.And the whole cycle repeats again.

How long does nuclear power last?

Nuclear power is non-renewable,but can last for a few thousand years.

How does nuclear power effect the enviroment?

The radiation in the uranium pellets is very dangerous, it can kill living things in minutes.

What uses nuclear power?

Submarines, nuclear weapons/bombs, our daily medicine and for cancer treatment all use nuclear power.

Uranium pellets



These are Uranium pellets, it came from rocks underground.


-Nuclear power is clean many people think the steam w
which comes out of the cooling tower,

is dirty and polluthing the air.
The uranium pellets makes lots more energy than fossil

The uranium pellets can last for a very long time, about
a thousand years.


-After the uranium pellets are used up the waste can be very dangerous and can kill living in minutes.

-To build the nuclear station it is very expensive.